Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Tapping" A Maple Tree

A quick little demonstration of what is involved in "tapping" a maple tree.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back at It! 2013 Season Preparations Have Begun!

Mom & Dad - Snowshoes on and ready to tap!

The McCutcheon team is back to work again!  We were out in the woods yesterday, February 22nd, for our first day of tapping and also worked all day today.  Conditions are good right now for preparations -- warm enough that it's not too hard on the trees, but not so warm that the sap is already running.

So far, things are off to a better start then last year after a somewhat more "normal" winter.  We have had some cold winter weather that allows the trees to become dormant, and there is a good base of snow coverage in the sugarbush.  We hope that spring will continue to unfold slowly over the next few weeks, and that we will be ready for a typical mid-March start to the season.

Jesse & Colette - Tapping Teamwork!

We are currently sold out of last year's maple syrup, so the farm remains closed to visitors until we have a fresh crop.  Please continue to check the blog for updates, and check out our facebook page for more photos.  We are looking forward to a great season!