Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quick Bits: Maple Candy

Sweet Marie's post about the sugar-on-snow (which I've never tasted) got me curious about Maple candy.

The 18th Century Cuisine blog has an short entry with some photos about boiling down sap and making maple sugar. has a page on maple candy which talks about the various types of maple candy. Here are the ones they list:

  • Maple Sugar (Granulated or Molded)
  • "Crunchy" Hard Maple Sugar
  • Molded Soft Sugar Candy
  • Maple Spread (Cream or Butter)
  • Maple Fondant or Nougat (Ohio Maple Cream)
  • "Jack Wax" or "Maple on Snow"

I assume the last one is the same as "Sugar on Snow". Apparently their source was Ohio State U., I wonder what other regional names there are for different maple candies like "Sugar on Snow". I kinda like "Jack Wax", though it doesn't sound too appetizing.

If you're in a rush, Astray has a 14 minute Maple Candy recipe ...

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