Thursday, November 23, 2006

Maple Syrup Pie

It's not Thanksgiving here in Canada, but if it gives you an excuse to make a pie, who am I to argue? Over at Epicurious, there is a recipe for Maple Syrup Pie from the Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens where it was known as "Tarte au Sirop d' Érable":

"My husband and I had an absolutely fantastic dessert at Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens while on vacation in Quebec, Canada," Says Deb Kalikow of Natick, Massachusetts. "Maple syrup pie served with crème fraîche is its specialty. The pie capped off a perfect dinner of delicious French-Canadian dishes. We ate at another restaurant the next night and tried the maple syrup pie there. We were so disappointed by our first bites that we then went back to Aux Anciens Canadiens and waited an hour just to have another piece of their pie."

Don't be tempted to forgo the cream with this pie; it perfectly complements the dessert's rich silkiness and balances the sweetness.

Be careful making it as it is apparently easy to undercook the interior, though the commentor said it was still delicious.

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