Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Showers...or...Snowstorm?

Well, last week we thought the season was ending with no more frost in the forecast, and now here we are with a foot of snow on the ground! Apparently the "old-timers" call a surprise snowstorm like this in April "Sugar Snow" due to the fact that the sap often runs so well afterwards. We're hoping the folklore holds true, and we'll have a few more good sap days this weekend as the weather forecast predicts.

We have not had any sap for a number of days now, but we had some good runs at the beginning of last week. There remains no sign of buds on the trees yet, so if the weather co-operates and makes the sap run, we are rested and ready to make some more delicious maple syrup!

We do expect that this will be our final weekend of sugarmaking for the season, and we will be open to visitors from 1pm - 5pm all weekend, including Good Friday. It sounds like a beautiful, sunny weekend; perfect for a final visit to the sugarbush!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the sap, Carley.

You mentioned fresh sap to me two years ago, and it was just like you said: 2% sugar, refreshing, and nutritious. I'm glad I made it this year. It was a pleasure driving out.

Your dad's honey and mom's pottery are as impressive as the maple syrup.

Will you be selling honey at the markets?


Carley McCutcheon said...

hey michael. i'm really glad you enjoyed your visit!

i won't be selling any honey specifically at the brickworks, as there is already a honey vendor there. i'd be happy to bring some for you though, if you knew what you wanted and let me know ahead of time. i'm looking forward to the market season starting -- it's such a great atmosphere there.

see you soon!