Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Over Yet

I spoke to Dad last night, and he told me he'd been looking at our records over the years - turns out, this year wins the prize for the most days collecting and boiling sap in a row! We have had some sap every day for the past 24 days! With a record like that, one would think that we'd be having a great season over all, however, the yield has been very low each day, and is adding up slowly. Maple farmers all over the region and in the United States and Quebec are reported low yields as well.

Usually throughout the season, there are days when it either remains frozen and the sap stops running, or it remains too warm overnight and that stops the flow. Today may be the first potential day that Dad gets a rest, with the weather report predicting that it will not climb above freezing today. However, with that clear sky and strong sun I wouldn't be surprised if it got a bit warmer than expected...

Either way, it does appear that the end of the season is growing near. The long range forecast shows a spike in warm weather for Easter Weekend, which might just be enough to bring the buds out on the trees. In the meantime, we continue to take each day as it comes and hope to have a few more sap days before it is all over. We remain open to customers at the farm from 1pm- 5pm daily.

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