Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Blast Of Winter

Looking out the window today paints an entirely different scene than it did this week. A good amount of fresh snow, cooler temperatures, and high winds are reminding us, as least temporarily, what winter feels like. It was too cold yesterday, and we expect it to remain too cold this weekend for the sap to run. However, looking ahead, the forecast shows some potentially good sap weather coming next week. Our sugarhouse will remain closed until we have some fresh maple syrup to sell.

As an interesting aside, here is a picture of some of the animal damage that we've been finding in the woods this winter: The bites are larger and more aggressive than the usual chewing that we see by squirrels. Not sure what type of animal has a newly acquired taste for plastic, but we suspect the damage occurred some time in the fall. Always a new challenge to keep us busy!

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