Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Opening Saturday March 16th!

McCutcheon's Maple Syrup will be open for visitors, beginning Saturday, March 16!  We have been able to catch up on the many repairs we've been working on the in sugarbush, and have collected and boiled our first batches of sap.  The next few days look like they might be too cold for more sap to run, so that will give us a chance to bottle our first 2013 syrup and it will be available for sale this weekend!  We will be open from 1pm - 5pm. Hope to see you!

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Carley!... Just us ... checkin' in on the progress of the annual McCutcheon March Magic Show!

Glad to hear that you have finally managed to get ahead of those pesy rats with bushy tails!

Wishin you all much success with the run. Hope that iot is longer and fruitful for you. Hi to Mom ... Dad and Jesse!

EWish we were physically closer to make our annual pilgrimage... but know we are with youn bin spirit!

Warmest regards,
Bruce Deb Liam and Bryn
(The Sherman Clan)