Friday, March 1, 2013

Preparations Continue - Lots of Repairs

We have been working hard every day, and we are getting closer to having all of our maple trees tapped and ready for the first sap run of the year.  Unfortunately, our preparations have been a little slower than we would like due to an extremely large amount of squirrel damage.  The squirrels chew through the plastic tubing and spiles creating holes which allow precious sap to leak out, and disrupt the vacuum pressure in the lines.

This must be the tastiest spot - we have seen a lot of spiles like this one.

We have had to replace many drop-lines and spiles;  a process which is both time-consuming, and an additional expense.

At least 200 drop-lines we have cut out and replaced.  Still lots more that need fixing.

If you are interested, here is a short video on the tubing repair process.  You can also watch it HERE.

Those pesky squirrels must have had itchy ears this week, as they were getting called all kinds of nasty names!  Despite the minor frustration while working today, at one point dad said to me, "You know, syrup making is really fun!"  Still having fun after 41 years, love it!  Mind you, he did caveat that by saying, "when you aren't in a race with Mother Nature."  Haha!  Well, as it stands right now, we are in good shape to be ready.  The forecast is looking promising for next week, but of course that can change quickly.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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