Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Winter!

A long winter means a late start to the maple syrup season.  The sustained cold and lack of thaws means that our maple trees are frozen solid.  It will take a number of warm sunny days to melt the snow away from the tree trunks and allow the sap to begin to flow.  The weather forecast suggests that maple sugaring will begin towards the last third of March this year - more like it did when Ken started making syrup 42 years ago.  In recent years, we've become used to warmer winters and sap flows starting late February.  Our snowshoes had started to gather dust hanging on the wall, but not this year.  It's been far too cold to begin tapping yet but as soon as the temperature starts climbing close to the freezing point, we will strap on the snowshoes and head to the sugarbush!

Our sugarhouse will remain closed while we're tapping.  We will open as soon as we have fresh syrup available.  Please continue to check back in for updates as things hopefully get underway soon.

snowed in

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hey Sweet People!... Here's hoping the weather cooperates! Too cold for tappin... too cold for painting in the bush as well! A strange year indeed.. but Spring is the air... the birds tell me that! Fingers crossed for a good boil!

Talk to you soon!

The Shermans at The Paint nBox Gallery.... Rockport Ontario!