Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Has Sprung! Tapping Begins for 2015.

We had our first tapping day of the season on Saturday March 7th - coincidently, the same date that we started last year!  After a very cold February, things have finally warmed up enough for us to get to work.  In very frigid temperatures, tapping (the process of drilling new holes and hammering in spiles) is physically hard on the trees and also results in frustration and extra work as the tubing and fittings become brittle and break.  That being said, it is always a race to get the trees all tapped before the temperatures rise enough for the sap to actually run, as we do not want to miss collecting a single drop!  This weekend was ideal tapping weather as the temperatures were just slightly below zero, and with all hands on deck we were able to get off to a good start!

Many hands make light work. Rene, Ken, Jesse, & Colette. Snow is deep!

Tough going!  The snow is very deep and a sugary 
texture that the snowshoes sink right through.

All-terrain vehicles required.

                                                                        Spring sweetness -- a "tree hug"

                                 Like a bud waiting to blossom, we saw some hints of sap in the 
                                sunny spots, just letting us know that it is ready and waiting too.

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hello McCutcheon Clan!... Thinking of you... especially as the annual run gets underway!

Cool runnin'... and many gallons in the collection tanks!

Always "sweet" memories of our numerous springs of syrup... snow taffy and sugar candy. The boys still speak of their times with you as memorable in their growing up.

Both are in.. and off to college and university. How time flies... when you are havin' fun!

Thanks for those sweet memories!
Bruce, Deb, Liam and Bryn
The Sherman Clan