Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

March roared in like a lion last week with that big snowstorm, but we've been busy working in the sugarbush whenever the weather permitted, and we've now got all of our trees tapped and ready to go! It was warm enough today for the sap to start to run, which allows us to begin checking the lines for leaks and problems that are impossible to find when things are frozen up. It's slippery going in the woods now with the fresh, quickly melting snow and we've got approximately 30kms of tubing to check. The forecast is looking warm, so with any luck we will be making fresh syrup soon! Please continue to check in for updates, it seems like spring has sprung!


Bruce Sherman said...

Happy Spring Carley and McCutcheon clan members!... Spring has indeed sprung... in all of its glory in these parts as well!

Sap my be a-runnin in all of the sugar bushes... but paint is pouring out in our studio. Do tap into my blog... if you're interested... there's a surprise for all McCutcheons on board!!

Have a great run. Rich golden success to your shed!

Bruce Deb Liam and Bryn... The Sherman Clan

Carley McCutcheon said...

My goodness, Bruce! What an amazing tribute! That is truly a heartwarming surprise - I will make sure Dad see this. And thank you again for all of your positive good wishes - we can use all of the help we can get this year, the forecast is looking scarily warm.

Much love and thanks to you and your family.