Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Grading System for Maple Syrup

It was full steam ahead at the sugarhouse today, and the sweet smell of maple is in the air.

Some of you that have been out to the farm may have noticed the new grade stickers on our bottles this year. The regulations for grading maple syrup in North America are changing to become more standardized. The chart attached here helps to explain the transition which is taking place over the next year. Our delicious McCutcheon's Maple Syrup is not changing one bit, just the name of it is. For this season, you will see both the old grade name and the new on our bottles as we transition. Next year, our labels will change to reflect only the new names.

Using the new grading system, we currently have a small amount of early "golden" syrup at the farm, as well as lots of "amber". The "dark" syrup that comes with warmer weather at the end of the season has not been produced yet, but we hope to make some, and will let those of you that have been waiting know as soon as it is ready.

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