Thursday, March 26, 2020

Closed Until Further Notice

Maple syrup making lends itself to social distancing -- the sap continues to run, we continue to work in the sugarbush, and Jesse is putting in long hours into the night watching over the evaporator as the sap steams and boils into fresh maple syrup. 

And while we will carry on producing syrup, upon reflection we have decided to close our farm to the public until further notice. We do this in response to Covid 19, to ensure we are doing our part in maximizing social distancing. Orders that have been placed will be held until further notice, and we will be monitoring the situation closely with everyone else and will reopen if possible. 

Thank you very much for understanding. We hope these efforts will help level the curve and allow for a quicker return to the sweet parts of life that we are all missing for now. Enjoy this slowed-down time, an opportunity to simplify, and we will be seeing you all soon in good health.

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