Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Syrup of the Season

We were able to collect some sap this past weekend and had our first small boil on Sunday. Then Tuesday brought some wild weather with the wind and rain, but it also brought the sap. We had a very large run that carried on through the night, and Dad stayed up boiling until 5am! Quite the start to the season!

The good news is that we have some beautiful, fresh, first-run syrup bottled up now, and will have it for sale at the farm beginning this Saturday. We will be open on Saturday from 1pm - 5pm and every day after during those hours until the season ends.

We hope to see lots of you at the farm this weekend enjoying the beginning of your March break. It sounds like it's going to be beautiful weather, perfect for sap, and nice days for visiting the sugarbush. As usual, we will have the fireplace on in the sugarhouse, and you are welcome to come watch us boil the syrup and have a taste of the new crop. Hope you see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow you already had a big run eh? I am hoping it hold back a little this year as I am not going to get up north to Sault Ste. Marie until April 1. Hope you have a record year!

Carley McCutcheon said...

Thanks for the good wishes Dave! All the best to you as well.