Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Season So Far

"Dad says this year the weather's just right
Warm bright mornings and cold clear nights
This time we're goin' to get a real bumper crop
Tap that flow and it ain't never gonna stop!"
Those of you that have heard the Maple Syrup song that plays on our website will know what I mean when I say "Dad says this year the weather's just right"! We're all happily humming that tune around here, as so far this year it is the perfect theme song! We've been having an excellent season so far; the weather pattern has been just right with it freezing overnight and thawing during the days, and as a result we've been able to collect sap almost every single day since the season started on March 7th. The syrup that we've been making this season has a wonderful maple flavour too!

I just drove past the farm on my way home from work and saw lots of steam coming out of the sugarhouse. Dad has had a lot of overnight boils this year, with the sap running late into the evening. I expect tonight might be one of those nights with the temperature staying mild, and the windy, rainy weather seems to bring the sap for whatever reason.

Of course, the season is not over yet, and we're always a little worried about a sudden warm spell putting an end to things. However, the weather forecast still looks promising so we're hoping for another week of good sap days before it warms up for good. We've got all of our fingers crossed -- hopefully the song will be right and we'll wind up with "a real bumper crop"!

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