Friday, March 25, 2011

A Few Cool Days...

The sap was running on Sunday when I last wrote, and it continued straight through the night, all day Monday, and right through Monday night as well! Since then, the temperatures have dipped back below freezing and as such we've been put on hold temporarily. It's nice to have a chance to catch up with bottling the syrup that we've made so far -- we've got lots of very nice #1 Medium Maple Syrup for sale now, as well as a small quantity of first-run light syrup still available. The forecast for the weekend shows nice bright sunshine, but cool temperatures. If the predicted highs are correct, we do not anticipate that we will be collecting sap this weekend, but it does sound like beautiful weather to be outside. We hope to see lots of visitors again this weekend. If you are planning on coming by, bundle up! With temperatures on the cold side, it gets chilly in the Sugar House.

Speaking of which, we were sent some more great photos from happy visitors:

Checking out the sap in the tank.

Listening closely while Ken explains how syrup is made

Cute kids!!

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Carley!... has been on the chilly side of things for sure! despite that fact... sure looks as if your dad had this group all warmed up!...Always nice to be inside the shed... beside the "shin warmer"... with the smell of sweet syrup in the air! Nothin' better...this side of Heaven! HAHA!!

"Cold hands... warm heart!"... they say!!
See you folk when we're back!

Bruce and Deb