Friday, April 1, 2011

Lots of Sap!

As those of you who have been watching the weather may have guessed, the last two days were amazing sap days! Dad said he was nearly washed away, haha! Wednesday afternoon in particular was some of the best run he's ever seen. He said if you pulled a spile out of the tree, the sap would almost jump out and splash you in the face it was running so much. It was -4°C overnight last night, so we are expecting another great day today.

It's amazing how different the season can be from year to year; on April Fools' last year, it was +24°C! The season was finished and we started our clean-up and take-down of the lines on April 2. It doesn't appear that we'll be having any weather quite that warm for a while yet this year, so we are hoping for a few more sap days before it's all over.

As usual, we will be open this weekend from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Come out for a visit, and make the most of the beautiful spring sunshine!

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hello to the McCutcheon Clan...From the Paint Box Gang in the balmy Barbados!

Glad to hear that the run is going so well... no need to wash up at the end of the day Ken! HAHA!!

The temperature here was 30C... every day sunny.. too sunny in fact! I am covered up... hat atop the noggin... and lathered in 60 sun block! VERY unforgiving sun... as Deb has found out!

No sketching yet... just exploring and getting "the lay of the land" Maybe today... we'll see! Lots of jpegs in any event!

Glad all is well... and still in the narrow sugar-making corridor! Be talkin'wit ya soon Mon! HAHA!!

Warm regards to all!
Bruce and Deb