Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Next Year Is Going To Be Better"

The 2012 syrup season is coming to a close even before April arrives.  We washed all of our sap lines during the heat wave a week ago.  It was good weather for that job, because you get soaked from head to toe!  This week, we have been busy bottling up this years' syrup, and we are almost finished with that job too. The syrup has great flavour this year, but unfortunately it will be in short supply - we wound up with about half of an average crop.  

We are finally getting syrup weather now - below freezing nights and mild days - but it is too late.  The buds on the maples have opened, and the trees are beginning to grow leaves.  Even though the sap is running, it has a 'buddy' flavour, the sugar content is very low, and it won't make good maple syrup.   "Next year is going to be better" - the farmer's mantra. 

Our sugarhouse will be open on Easter weekend, every afternoon from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Please call ahead if you are planning to visit at other times. 

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Unknown said...

I like this blog...thanks. Two years ago I tapped 10 trees with my kindergarten class, last year we tapped 25 and produced 13 gallons of syrup. This year we are hoping for 50 taps. I wrote about our experience, we use very primitive tools- someday we will have a shack.