Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warm Weather Forecast Not Looking Good

Thanks to all of the visitors that came out to the farm for our opening weekend.  It was nice to see some familiar faces, and to hear some expert taste-test reports that this year's syrup has excellent flavour!

Unfortunately, the wacky weather that produced the "winter-that-wasn't" continues to bring above normal temperatures that may bring an early end to the maple syrup season.  Our earliest season end date on record is March 22, 2000, but 2012 may prove to be a new record if the weather forecasters are correct. After record breaking sap flows on Sunday and Monday, it is slowing down now as the temperatures have remained above the freezing mark since. We need frost at night and above freezing during the day to keep the maple sap flowing, but the long range forecast shows no below freezing temperatures for the next two weeks.  The concern now is that it will remain warm enough for the buds to begin growing on the trees, at which point the flavour of the syrup changes, and is no longer pleasant.

Although it is March Break, and you are all probably enjoying the unseasonably warm days, we ask you to cross your fingers that the weatherman is wrong this time.  We are hoping for just a few more weeks of cold overnight temperatures...

And as for those of you that are planning visits to the farm, we do have some fresh maple syrup bottled up for sale.  However, please keep in mind that the sap is not currently running if you are wishing to see the farm in operation.  Keep your eyes on the weather report and our blog to see if colder sap weather returns.

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