Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Fluctuations

We had two excellent sap days on Friday and Saturday and have been boiling sap to produce some very delicious, early run syrup. Many visitors out to the farm reported a "buttery flavour" upon taste-testing. Last night the temperatures dropped all the way to -18, so things are frozen up for a day or two.  The sap flow will resume when the temperature rises back up above the freezing mark again; currently the forecast says by Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will be open with syrup for sale from 1pm - 5pm but the sap will not be running today.  Make sure to bundle up warmly if you are stopping by! Also, please be aware that payment is by cash or cheque only.

Dad emptying a small sap tank we affectionately refer to as "The Sputnik" 
                       due to it's spaceship-like appearance.

                                               A happy sight - The sugarhouse full of sunshine and steam. 

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