Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Close!

We are so close to having fresh syrup again!  The weather this week was just a bit colder than predicted, so we have not had any large runs of sap yet.  The trees did thaw out for a few hours the past couple of afternoons, just enough to enable us to check our lines for more leaks and squirrel damage.  Unfortunately, we are still finding problems, including one main-line that shattered in the little cold snap on the weekend - very unusual.

The forecast looks promising, so fingers crossed that the weatherman is right!  We will let you know as soon as we have some fresh maple syrup made and bottled, and we are open for visitors!


Bruce Sherman said...

Happy Sugaring off Carley, Jesse, Ken and Renee!... Hope that you manage to catch up... and stay ahead of them dern squirrels! Hope too... that the 2013 run is a record one.

As you well know... Spring and visiting McCutcheon's has been a ritual and rite of Spring for the Sherman family.

We will dearly miss being able to just trot over for some maple syrup... sugar candy... maple butter... pottery... good conversation with the McCutcheon clan... and a good " shin warmer at your stove in the sweet smellin' sugar house.

If you are ever down Rockport way... we'd dearly love to have you visit and to see firsthand... why we came back... "Home." Our Gallery opens in May!


Warmest regards,
Bruce and Deb Sherman
Liam (18) and Bryn(16)

Carley McCutcheon said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Bruce! The more fingers crossed for a good maple season, the better.

We will miss seeing you, thanks for the "virtual" visit.

Best of luck to you and yours as well,